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Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits, Made in USA

Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits, Made in USA


Photo guide

How it works:

1. During checkout, review our photo guidelines to ensure the watercolor pet portrait turns out spectacular. 

2. Pick your image(s). Chose a full-body, high-quality image of your pet. 

3. Attach the image at check out. Or email it. Feel free to send in a few photos, Tiffany will always pick the one that will work best.

4. Your watercolor dog portrait is ready!! The artwork is drafted for review! Then sent out and you receive your custom art, which is ready to be displayed!


Turnaround time is typically 3 days from when an order is placed and a draft is sent out!


No additional fees for multiple pets in the same photo.*Blending of multiple photos into one is an option, ie. placing a photo of a pet that has passed with your current pet. For additional questions check out our FAQs.


SHARE your custom watercolor pet portrait on social media within 7 days of delivery, tag me and receive your FREE custom digital pet portrait file ($67) value 

IG: @Tiffany_dnaka_


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Tiffany stands out from pet artists worldwide by personally crafting every piece of art, never resorting to outsourcing. Her commitment to excellence guarantees that each custom artwork reaches the highest of quality. Using refined digital watercolor techniques, she masterfully transforms your cherished pet's photograph into a vivid and lifelike painting on paper!


    Watercolor Pet Portrait Quality:

    • Anything larger than 8.5X11 ships in mailing tubes

    •Watercolor pet portraits created digitally but looks and feels like a true watercolor. High quality watercolor textured paper

    • Ornament is made of ceramic and is around 3 inches

    •  Frame is solid natural oak wood with optical-grade clear acrylic unmatted 

    • Keychain is metal and is around 1.5 inches

    • Other shops may print on glossy photo paper which takes away from a true watercolor effect

    •USA made 

    •Option: Custom set of 16 greeting cards on cardstock with envelopes. The back of the card is branded with my logo. 

    All digital files come with my signature on it.

    A custom watercolor pet portrait is the perfect way to immortalize your beloved furry friend! We specialize in creating stunning, one-of-a-kind portraits that capture your pet's unique personality and features. Each portrait is meticulously crafted using high-quality watercolor paper and ink.  Minimalist pet portraits are designed to complement any room in your home!

    Our team will work closely with you to select the perfect reference photo of your pet, and will keep you updated throughout the creation process to ensure that the final result meets your expectations.

    Don't settle for generic pet portraits - we create a truly unique and personalized artwork that captures the essence of your furry friend. Order your custom watercolor pet portrait today!


     I don't accept refunds or returns. But please contact me if you have problems with your order. 


    If photos are not recieved within 60 days of order, refunds will not be issued and the order will be marked as complete. 


    Turn around time is typically 3 days from when an order is placed and a draft is sent out! 


    • Free shipping on  domestic, tracking is provided
    • 1-2 weeks processing time
    • Ships From CA, United States
    • Shipping rates vary by county

    By providing Tiffany Dnaka with a photo, you grant her permission to post the finished product online. All artwork is copyrighted. Any artwork used for personal distribution will include artist signature.

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