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Turn any pet into a work of art

When it comes to luxury pet art, it's all about creating a unique and personalized piece that captures the essence of your furry friend

How It Works

Artwork that is never outsourced to other countries. Made in the USA.

You will receive a preview of your art within 2-5 business days.

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Why Choose Tiffany as Your Pet Artist?

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Over 300+ Reviews

Customer experience is our top priority. Tiffany is proud to showcase over 5-star ratings on Google and Etsy combined.

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Artwork That is Always Made in the USA

Other companies may choose to outsource their artwork to artists outside of the USA. Tiffany creates every custom piece right here in Orange County, California.

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Giving Back to Rescue 

Tiffany's mission has always been to help rescue dogs get adopted by creating custom pet portraits of dogs in need of adoption. She has helped over 20+ rescues throughout the U.S.

Tiffany Dnaka is renowned as one of the leading watercolor pet portrait artists

Tiffany specializes in creating stunning custom watercolor pet portraits that will forever cherish the bond between you and your pet. Each portrait is meticulously handcrafted by Tiffany, a talented artist with a passion for capturing the true spirit and personality of your pet. Using high-quality digital watercolor techniques, she transforms your favorite pet photographs into vibrant works of art that truly come to life on paper.

Custom Pet Portraits That Give Back

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Tiffany is not only a talented artist but also a compassionate soul with a big heart for animals. She frequently joins forces with animal rescues across the United States, lending her support and donating custom pet portraits to pups in need of adoption.

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