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About Tiffany - The pet portrait artist

Tiffany Dnaka, watercolor pet artist  and Finn

Tiffany, an Orange County-artist who creates artwork that speaks to the heart and soul. Whether you are looking for a dog artist, cat artist or watercolor artist, her artwork is unique and created directly by her. Her vision is to create artwork that captures the essence of love and loss while connecting with people at a deeper level.

Tiffany's artwork started as a way to cope with the loss of her fur-baby, Moxey. As a way to honor Moxey, Tiffany wanted a portrait of her beloved companion, but couldn't find the style she was looking for, so she decided to create her own.

Tiffany's artwork is now dedicated to giving back to animal rescues by donating her artwork to help pups find their forever homes. She has already helped several rescues throughout the US.


Her passion for dogs, the beach, and creating artwork is evident in all her creations. Tiffany is always looking to expand her artwork and partner with art buyers, local businesses, and veterinary offices. She also offers wholesale purchases. If you are interested in having her create custom artwork for your storefront, please contact her.


Explore Tiffany's unique artwork that captures the essence of loss and connects with the heart and soul. Contact her today to partner with her or buy her artwork wholesale.

Tiffany With Moxey

Tiffany Dnaka dog and cat artist and Moxey at the beach.
Tiffany Dnaka pet artist and Finn at the beach

Tiffany With Finn

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