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Custom Pet Greeting Cards

Custom Pet Greeting Cards


How it works:

1. During checkout, review our photo guidelines.

2. Pick your image(s). Chose a full body, high quality image

3. Attach image at check out. Or email it. Feel free to send in a few photos, Tiffany will always pick the one that will work best.

4. Your custom pet greeting card is ready! Artwork is drafted for review! Then sent out and you receive your custom pet portrait, that is ready to be framed!


Custom portriat turn one photo into a custom watercolor.

  • I never charge extra for multiple people/pets in the same photo
    • *Blending of muliple photos into one is an option. If you have a person/pet that passed away and you would like to place it next to your current person/pet, I can do that or if you cannot get multiple people/pets to sit together, I can blend two separate images into one. 
  • High quality photos work best
  • I provide a draft prior to sending out the final artwork


Custom pet greeting cards come with your watercolor art on with envelopes. The back of the card is branded with my logo.


Sizing Options:





    I RUN FREE GIVE AWAYS and coupons on the regular!! Follow my IG for the latest. 
    IG: @Tiffany_dnaka_ 
    FB: @tiffanydnaka


    •Custom dog greeting cards are created digitally but looks and feels like a true watercolor

    • High quality watercolor textured paper

    • Other shops may print on glossy photo paper which takes away from a true watercolor effect.

    •USA made 

    WATERCOLOR is 8.5x11 printed on textured watercolor paper

    Custom pet greeting cards come with your pic on it as a set of 16 cards and envelopes. 
    The back of the card is branded with my logo. 

    By providing Tiffany Dnaka with a photo, you grant her permission to post the finished product online. All artwork is copyrighted. Any artwork used for personal distribution will include artist signature.

    Introducing our custom pet portrait greeting card - the perfect way to send a heartfelt message and share your love for your furry friend!

    Our greeting card is perfect for any occasion - whether you're celebrating a birthday, sending well wishes, or just want to let someone know you're thinking of them. The card's design is customizable, so you can choose and add your own personal message inside.




    I don't accept refunds or returns. 



    • Free shipping on  domestic 
    • 1-2 weeks processing time
    • Ships From CA, United States
    • Only ship to US and Canada, message me for other countries

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