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Rescue Dog Mom Sticker

Rescuing Saves Lives Stickers


"Rescuing Saves Lives" sticker, a powerful statement and beautiful piece of art by the talented Tiffany Dnaka. This sticker is not just a decorative accessory; it carries a profound message and a heartwarming mission.  As a proud rescue dog parent, Tiffany created this sticker to help advocate for all the rescue dogs out there in the world!


Tiffany's  custom pet artwork has always been driven by her unwavering commitment to help dogs in need find their forever homes. Her passion for supporting animal rescue efforts led her to create this stunning sticker, embodying the idea that every rescue story is a life saved.


When you purchase the "Rescuing Saves Lives" sticker, you're not just acquiring a piece of artwork; you're contributing to a meaningful cause. Tiffany's dedication to this cause is demonstrated through her ongoing efforts to donate custom artwork to shelters and rescue organizations, creating eye-catching portraits that help showcase these wonderful pups and increase their chances of finding loving homes.


By proudly displaying this sticker, you become an advocate for rescue dogs, spreading awareness about the incredible impact adoption can have on both dogs and their human companions. Let your laptop, water bottle, or car window serve as a canvas to share this important message and support Tiffany's admirable goal of making a difference in the lives of countless deserving dogs.


Join us in celebrating the bond between humans and their four-legged friends and take part in the mission of "Rescuing Saves Lives." Get your sticker today and be a part of something truly heartwarming and transformative. Together, we can help more dogs find the love and care they deserve. 🐾❤️ 

  • Product Information

    3 Stickers for $5


    USA-made with USA materials

    Die-cut decal with vibrant colors, waterproof 

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