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dog wearing lavender harness

Lavender One-Click Dog Harness


Walk your dog in style with the “Lavender" collection. This elegant and posh shiny purple harness is made with high quality vegan leather and rose metal hardware. We assure you that your pooch will be the most glamorous in town!


 Advantages of One-Click harnesses vs Chest harnesses:

  • easy to put on and remove
  • adjustable around the chest
  • distribute the pressure across the dog’s torso
  • protect your dog from choking, shafting, headaches, or any uncomfortable feeling
  • Strong and soft materials that make it easy to clean
  • Anti-mating, anti-choking, and anti-pulling

To order the matching products, visit the link below:


PU leather, Polypropylene webbing, rose zinc alloy hardware


- Handmade in Canada

- Hand-wash in cold water 

- Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs




One-Click Harness size guide


  • Girth: 12''-15'' (30-38 cm)
  • Chest strap: 11.4'' (29 cm)
  • Dog weight: Approximately 4-6.6 lbs (1.8-3 kg)



  • Girth: 15''-18'' (38-45 cm)
  • Chest strap: 12.6'' (32 cm)
  • Dog weight: Approximately 6.6-12.1 lbs (3-5.5 kg)



  • Girth: 18''-22'' (45-55 cm)
  • Chest strap: 15'' (38 cm)
  • Dog weight: Approximately 12.1-18.7 lbs (5.5-8.5 kg)



  • Girth: 22''-26'' (55-68 cm)
  • Chest strap: 16.9'' (43 cm)
  • Dog weight: Approximately 18.7-23.1 lbs (8.5-10.5 kg)



    I don't accept refunds or returns. But please contact me if you have problems with your order.


    1-2 WEEKS

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