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Top 15 Pet Influencers of 2024

Updated: Feb 17

In today's digital age, a new kind of celebrity has emerged - pet influencers. These adorable and charismatic furry companions have taken social media by storm, capturing the hearts of millions of followers around the world. Pet influencers, ranging from cute cats and dogs to exotic animals and even farm critters, have become social media sensations. Captivating audiences with their playful antics, lovable personalities, and heartwarming stories. With their irresistible charm, these four-legged influencers have not only become social media celebrities but also powerful brand ambassadors, promoting pet products, spreading awareness for animal welfare, and bringing joy and laughter to their dedicated fan bases. Let's unpack these top 15 pet influencers whose presence on Instagram is surely well known.

Hennessy might just be the most glam French Bulldog influencer there is. Located in Los Angeles, California, owner Mario Beltran says he doesn't know how his two pups became a "pet influencer" and that it kind of just happened. That's right, there are two pet influencers on this account. Stitch, is Hennessy's brother and the pair make a powerhouse duo.

French Bulldog with custom watercolor pet portrait
Hennessy with artwork by Tiffany Dnaka

French bulldogs dressed up posing on chair
Stitch + Hennessy

Truffles and Snickers are the Yorkshire Terrier sister duo who has become a social media sensation, boasting a dedicated following on Instagram. Known for her fashionable outfits, playful antics, and lovable nature, the pair delights their followers with daily doses of cuteness and joy.

Yorki dogs sitting with custom watercolor pet portrait by Tiffany Dnaka
Truffles + Snickers with watercolor pet art by Tiffany Dnaka

Gilbert, the clever pup, is capturing hearts everywhere with his irresistible cuteness. Sporting a bowtie like a pro, Gilbert isn't just about the looks; he's a dedicated service dog too. His owner shares,

"I initially created this account just for kicks, but it's blossomed into something far greater. My aim is to spread cheer and lend a helping hand wherever possible. I'm also on a mission to educate folks about service dogs, with my dear Gilbert serving as the perfect example."

Pet influencers like Gilbert offer much more than just adorable snaps on Instagram; they play a crucial role in enhancing the lives of their owners with their invaluable services.

The Instagram handle says it all, little "Skittle" may be tiny in size but big with her fan base. With over 55k followers this gal sure knows how to attract a following. Spoiler alert, Skittle also has an equally cute sibling. Skittle's dog mom Lori states

After I set up the Instagram for my dogs it only took a month before people were asking if I would promote their products in exchange for money or products. I didn’t know anything about IG at the time but it took off from there.
Tiny Yorkie Terrier dog with custom pet art
Skittle's with watercolor dog portrait by Tiffany Dnaka

Lucky Party Yorkie's Instagram feed is a visual delight, filled with snapshots of exciting adventures, fabulous outfits, and heartwarming moments. From celebrating birthdays to enjoying luxurious pampering sessions, Lucky knows that life is simply worth sharing with pawsome friends.

This pup influencer is known for his bright red mohawk. Breckin Doodle is a charming and fluffy Goldendoodle who brings joy and smiles to his followers through his delightful posts. With his playful personality and lovable nature, Breckin Doodle shares glimpses of his daily adventures, from outdoor explorations to snuggles with his human companions. There is simply nothing better than seeing a pup with a bright red mohawk brighten up your feed.

Based in Chino Hills, California, owner Kelly, shares that becoming a pet influencer just kind of happened. Posting on Instagram became fun and she loves to share and promote products. Her Instagram page is filled with adorable pictures of her two corgis Ollie Toby🎾 & Brinkley Rose.

Owner Kaylyn Chung, shares,

" I started this page for Oreo in 2018, just to share photos as she grows up. I soon started to love the community and fashion it had to offer! After I got Lola, I started taking it more seriously and accepting brand deals. It’s been such a fun ride and I cannot wait to see what is next."
Black dog with watercolor dog  portrait
Oreo with custom pet portrait by Tiffany Dnaka

Karl's social feed is a treasure trove of cute moments, showcasing his zest for life and bringing smiles to his followers' faces. This pup influencer has built a tight nit community among other corgi friends. Located in Texas, Karl is accompanied by his sweet sister Bean on most of his adventures.

Bella Amore Du Chocolat is another glam Frenchie. Known as the "fashion queen" Bella fully lives up to her title. If you or your pup need some couture inspiration their feed is a must-follow. From lavish headsets to dazzling jewelry this pup has an outfit for any occasion.

Coined "Shelter mutt with the floof!" Molly's hair is reminiscent of Jim Carry's classical character, Ace Ventura. Not only does this pooch have amazing hair, but she is also very stylish. Her staple outfit is often complimented with a fun pair of glasses. It's not every day you see a four-legged friend sporting some shades.

Meet another exceptionally cute and fluffy pup influencer Miku. Owner Denise says

"Starting an IG for our pup was the easy part. Everyone loves looking at cute puppies. We had no intentions to work with brands at first, but all our friends were doing it, and then brands just started reaching out to us. We love creating organic content for them."
Pomeranian dog with custom pet portrait
Miku with watercolor pet portrait by Tiffany Dnaka

Born and raised in sunny California, Kenzie is an influential rescue pup with a remarkable dog mom who embodies the essence of a "cool dog mom." Ciera, also known as Kenzie's mamma and the owner of Puppy Picnic Co. specializes in creating unique and delightful puppy-themed picnics. With Ciera serving as both an influencer and a devoted dog mom, Kenzie gets to experience the best of both worlds. However, amidst all the exciting endeavors, Ciera finds the role of being Kenzie's rescue dog mama the most fulfilling and rewarding of all. It's a testament to their unbreakable bond and the incredible joy that comes from providing a loving home to a rescue dog.

Meet Braavos the Frug. A Frug is a cross between a French Bulldog and a Pug, resulting in an irresistible blend of cute features and playful energy. Braavos, with his expressive eyes and floppy ears, has become quite the pet influencer, amassing a loyal following on social media. He is surely on his way to moving up as a micro pet influencer.

Cheryl, Pepper's devoted owner, shares the inspiring story of how their journey unfolded in the world of pet influencing. It all began when she created an Instagram account to stay updated with the local cookie company. As she immersed herself in the pet influencer community, she discovered a world of connections, furry friendships, and a genuine passion for sharing their story. Building a cherished digital library brimming with precious memories, she forged meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who shared her love for pets. Alongside representing beloved brands she holds dear, she relishes in the quality time spent with Pepper, which has further deepened her understanding of dog behavior and training.

Woman holding custom pet portrait of her dog
Cheryl, holding Pepper's custom pet portrait

At the heart of being a pet influencer lies a vibrant and supportive community. Among these adorable pup influencers, there is a common thread that connects them all: their parents proudly own a cherished piece of a custom watercolor pet portrait by the talented Tiffany Dnaka. From Orange County, California, Tiffany is a passionate dog portrait artist who possesses a deep love for animals and a desire to give back to animal rescues. Her artistic journey was born out of a profound personal loss when she said goodbye to her beloved fur-baby, Moxey. Determined to channel her passion and warm spirit into her art, Tiffany creates stunning custom pet portraits using watercolor styles and digital mediums, infusing each piece with a friendly and whimsical essence. With a remarkable ability to capture the unique personality and boundless love of each pet, Tiffany's artworks become heartfelt tributes to the cherished companions we hold dear.

If you are looking for your very own custom pet portrait click the box below to order:

Drop a comment if you and your pup are the next influencers to be featured, be sure to include your social media handles!


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