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Three Commands Every Dog Should Know

Updated: May 15, 2023

Does your dog know these three commands? One of the best investments I have made for my dog Finn, was taking time to train him. Let me tell you, it pays off. Having a dog that is well behaved makes things easier on me and helps him feel confident. Take a minute to watch the video of Finn and I in action. Below, I will go into detail about why these three commands are important!

1. Sit

This is the first command I taught Finn and we use this multiple times a day. It's the most trainable task you can teach your dog. Sit, sets the foundation for a lot of other commands such as stay, wait, and heel. For example, before Finn is allowed outside the door, he must sit. This helps prevent him from running outside the door and while he is in a siting position, I then attach his leash. Imagine if Finn wasn't sitting and I tried to put the leash on him. This simple task that he does, makes my life so much easier.

2. Stay

Now I will be honest, I didn't know the difference between "stay" and "wait". Luckily, I had enrolled Finn in PetSmart's training classes and the trainer taught us the difference. Stay is where the dog sits in place until you physically walk back up and free them. Finn uses this command every night when I eat dinner. Most people, don't like it when their dog begs for food. One way to prevent this is to put them in their "place" aka a dog bed and instruct the dog to "stay" in their bed, until you finish dinner and release them!

3. Wait

Since you already know "stay" it's time to introduce you to "wait". Wait works like "stay", where you put the dog in a sitting position and tell them to wait until you release them. You do not need to walk back up to them. For Finn, wait is most often used before he eats his dinner. Typically, I put his food down and I tell him to wait, then I tell "come" once I am ready for him to eat. When I want to use wait as a confidence booster, I use this at the park when no one is around I will place him in a wait and walk a good amount of distance away, then I release him and he comes full speed running back to me.

I am always happy to help answer any questions or help teach your pup these tasks. If you found this blog helpful please share it. Sharing helps small businesses like myeslf :). Finn is also trained as a service dog and can alert me when needed! Stay tuned, for the service dog blog! #dogtraining #petcare #tiffanydnaka



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