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Poppy and Payson Premium Pet Accessories

If you are looking for a quality handmade collar or leash for your pet, look no further. Andalyn, is the creator, owner, stylist and much more behind Poppy and Payson. She has also become one of my dear friends. You might have even seen us sharing a space at the Whale Tails and Ales event!

How it all started

Andalyn has a background in fashion and graduated from FIDIM, where she was accepted into an advanced study program that focused on accessories. She then traveled to Paris, Milan, Hong Kong & China, where she fell in love with designing handbags. After deciding to learn how to make hand bands, she built her own studio where she currently works from. Fast forward to 2020, Andalyn lost her job working as a designer and decided she would focus on her handbags. Here comes the plot twistwist. One say her husband mentioned he was going to start a dog line and she said "No, no, no. Im going too! After all im the one that has been working with leather and making handbags. This is how Poppy & Payson started. Which is names after our two Basenjis."

Ps. Check out Tiffany's give away featuring Poppy and Payson! Will you be the lucky winner of a $50 gift card?

New items, just in time for St. Patrick's Day


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