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How To Take The Perfect Photo of Your Dog

You're out with your dog and it's a beautiful day, so you take out your phone to grab a photo, then just like that, they refuse to look at the camera. Taking the perfect photo of your dog can be a challenging task, but with a little patience and some simple techniques, you can capture your furry friend's best moments. Here are some tips to help you take the perfect photo of your dog.

  1. Place your pup in a sit: First, your dog needs to be able to sit for a time being without getting up, if your dog knows the command "stay" or "wait" that's even better!

  2. Use treats, toys, and funny sounds: Using treats, toys, and sounds can help grab your dog's attention and keep them engaged during the photoshoot. Make sure to use treats that your dog loves and toys that make them happy. If your dog enjoys squeaky toys, try to mimic the sound. Your pup will give you the cutest head tilt while trying to figure out what new noises are coming out from their favorite human!

  3. Get down to their level: Instead of shooting from above, try to get down to your dog's eye level. This will make your dog the focal point of the photo, and the image will look more natural and intimate.

  4. Use natural light: The best time to take photos of your dog is during the day when natural light is available. Avoid using flash as it can be harsh on your dog's eyes and can also create unflattering shadows.

  5. Choose the right location: Consider the background and surroundings when choosing a location to take your dog's photo. A plain and neutral background will make your dog stand out in the photo.

  6. Patience is key: Taking the perfect photo of your dog can take some time and patience. Take breaks when needed, and don't rush the process. Remember, your dog's comfort is the most important thing.

Once you have captured the perfect photo, the next step is deciding what to do with it. You may choose to print and frame it, or you could elevate it to a stunning piece of artwork such as a custom watercolor pet portrait. Regardless of your decision, congratulations on mastering the task of photographing your dog!

Photo guide provided by Tiffany Dnaka. Scroll to see some of her custom watercolor pet portraits.

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