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Harper & Friends: functional pet treats

Updated: May 15, 2023

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Meet Harper & Friends, they make a variety of specialty treats, including frozen yogurt. Who doesn't like some fro yo?

A local Orange County based pet treat small business

It all started with Harper, a big beautiful pup who has a heart condition. Harper's family decided to seek out natural alternatives. Can you take a guess at what colorful vegetable is actually good for the heart? If you said beets, you are correct, and I am impressed. Now, you are probably wondering, how the heck did Harper enjoy eating beets? Well, that's when Harper's family realized they would need to get creative and started making their own holistic treats. What I love about Harper and Friends is that Finn is a BIG fan of them. Finn has skin sensitivities, so picking treats to give him can be a little hard. If tasty treats are not for your dog, they have you covered with a variety of other goodies including; air-dried and freeze-dried treats, training treats, frozen yogurt, infused honey, and food toppers. Plus, everything is handmade and has a purpose in pet health.

What their customers mean to them

Here's a message from Harper and Friends "Our customers are family. They make everything worth it. Hearing how their picky pup loves our treats makes all the small business frustrations worth it."


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