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A Pawsitive Tale: Helping Leo Find His Forever Home With Barks of Love and Custom Pet Portraits

In the world of pet rescue, every dog has a story, but some stories just tug at your heartstrings a little bit more. This is one of those stories. The story of Leo, a senior Pomeranian with a heart full of love and a need for a special home.

Leo is a delightful, small, male Pomeranian who's happiest just being around people. His joy in life comes from simple things like leisurely walks, catching flies, and, of course, getting lots of snuggles. Despite suffering from a collapsed trachea - a condition that's well under control with medication - Leo remains a happy, little furball whose infectious spirit brightens everyone's day. He's looking for a forever home where he can shower his humans with his affection. Barks of Love, an Orange County, CA-based rescue, is committed to finding that perfect family for Leo.

Custom Pet Portrait Artist Helping Rescue Through Watercolor Portraits

In an effort to shine a spotlight on this special dog and increase his chances of finding a forever home, renowned dog artist Tiffany Dnaka stepped in. Tiffany, known for her custom pet portraits, has a passion for helping rescue animals find their forever homes. She teams up with rescues all across the US, using her talent to create beautiful watercolor pet portraits that capture the unique personalities of these special animals, helping them stand out and find loving homes. Tiffany recently had the honor of meeting Leo at the Doggy prom, an event that celebrates rescued dogs. Leo, with his adorable personality and sweet disposition, charmed Tiffany right away. Inspired by his spirit and resilience, she decided to create a custom watercolor portrait for Leo.

Leo, small dog as a watercolor portrait
Custom Pet Portrait

Tiffany's custom pet portraits are more than just a blend of colors on canvas; they are a representation of the animal's spirit, character, and resilience. Her talent for capturing these unique traits is evident in Leo's portrait, where his joyful personality shines through every brushstroke. Tiffany's hopes the portrait of Leo will help bring attention to his story, highlighting his charm, and hopefully encouraging the right person to give him the forever home he deserves. Helping dogs like Leo is not just about rescuing them but giving them the visibility they need to find loving homes. Collaborations like this one between Tiffany Dnaka and Barks of Love highlight the importance of community support in pet rescue efforts. With her custom pet portraits, Tiffany not only contributes to these efforts but also brings joy to potential adopters, who can see the unique spirit of their future pet captured as a custom watercolor pet portrait.

If you would like to learn more about Leo, visit his page on the Barks of Love website To explore more of Tiffany's beautiful custom watercolor pet portraits or to commission a portrait of your own pet, visit her website at In this ever-evolving world of rescue, there's no such thing as too much love or support. By joining hands and hearts, we can ensure that every pet, just like Leo, gets their deserved chance at a better life.



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