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A Day with Pearl: Our Heartwarming Experience with Maui’s Dogs on Demand Program

Updated: 6 days ago

When I recently visited Maui, Hawaii, I made it a point to sign up for Maui's Humane Society's program called Dog on Demand. This program allows visitors to take a rescue dog out for the day, and as someone who advocates for dogs in need, I couldn't resist the opportunity. As a custom pet portrait artist and a big advocate for rescue dogs, I knew that I had to visit and help bring awareness to such a great program.

How It Works:

The process is simple and quick. You can register online, and it takes no more than two minutes to sign up.The main requirement is that participants need to be 18 years of age. When you sign up for Dog on Demand, the shelter staff takes the time to match you with a dog that will benefit most from this program. You don’t know what kind of dog you’ll be paired with until you arrive, which adds to the excitement!

The focus of Dog on Demand is to provide outing opportunities for the dogs who most need a break from the shelter. Participating dogs are often young, large, and/or energetic. These dogs may still be perfecting their manners or leash skills, so participants should be confident in their dog handling abilities.

When we arrived, we met Pearl, a 44-pound mix. We were beyond excited to meet her. Pearl was young, about a year old, and incredibly sweet. Her size was perfect—not too large—and she immediately warmed up to us. After a brief orientation on Pearl's needs and behavior, we took her in our car, and she handled the ride amazing.

The Experience:

Our destination was the beach, and Pearl’s excitement was contagious. She was full of energy and curiosity, making our day together an absolute joy. Spending the day with Pearl at the beach was unforgettable. We took multiple walks, and relaxed outside on our patio. Pearl got to socialize with people, which is crucial for building her confidence. Her playful nature and loving demeanor made it clear that she was enjoying every moment as much as we were. She definitely captivated everyone she met. Pearl is unique, she has bright white fur with stunning ice blue eyes, but it is her temperament that truly had me in awe. Our brief time with Pearl was enough for me to fall in love with her. It would be a lie to say that I didn't cry while returning her, but I know that she will find a home that is suitable for her needs. After our outing, Maui's Humane Society asks that you fill out a behavior report card. This helps them learn more about the dog. It was safe to say Pearl earned herself an A++.

Brining Awareness:

I have made it a mission as part of my artwork to always advocate for dogs in need of adoption. As of today, I have helped over 20 rescues by donating free custom artwork to pups in need of a loving home. Pearl is now another beautiful pup I have created artwork for.

My hope is that through my artwork and by raising awareness, someone will see this beautiful pup and decide to adopt her. An extra bonus besides adopting this amazing girl is that her new owners will receive her custom pet portrait.

Please share this blog to help Pearl find her forever home. By spreading the word, we can increase the chances of Pearl finding a loving family who will cherish her as much as I do. Let’s work together to make a difference in Pearl’s life and in the lives of many other rescue dogs.

*As of 6/1/24 Pearl has been adopted :) MHS notified Tiffany of her adoption. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all of my dog-related content, where I often do free pet portrait giveaways.

PS.When you adopt a pup they fly free from Alaskin Airlines, learn more.

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