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5 Essentials to Planning a Unforgettable Budget Friendly Wedding or Elopement

Updated: Apr 22

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, the details can make all the difference in creating a memorable and personalized celebration.

It can feel overwhelming when there are so many choices to be made. To help make your decisions easier, here are five key elements that stand out as absolute must-haves for any couple looking to infuse their special day with unique charm and personality.

First on the list are custom pet portrait napkins. We all know that your furry companions are family, but unfortunately, most of the time it can be hard to bring them along on the BIG day! You can still include them in the celebration by adding a touch of charm to your cocktail napkins. Featuring elegant illustrations of your pets with matching florals to complement the artwork, these napkins not only spark conversations but also serve as a heartfelt reminder of your four-legged friends. Tiffany Dnaka's artwork is simply the most elegant, you won't find another pet artist out there who can turn your pet into a staple feature of your wedding.

Now most people would agree that the dress/outfit of choice is a central focal point of the wedding and they are not wrong. However, in this article, we are going to share one of the biggest saving hacks, because who doesn't want to save a little when planning their wedding? If you are trying to budget for your big day, then be sure to check out re-listed clothing on sites like Poshmark! You can find savings of up to 60% off and the best part is, that many of the listings are new with tags or (NWT). Picture this, a brand new dress from Lulu's (our favorite) bridal dress brand listed on Poshmart for $45. Better yet, you don't have picture it, because that's the exact dress below.
Wedding Photographer Melanie Sidlow

If you haven't thought of a custom pet portrait drink menu, here is your sign! Remember to enjoy the process of planning a wedding. Your wedding day will only happen once! Tuning into what is important for YOU is key to embracing the process. As we mentioned above, if your pet is a pivotal factor in your life, maybe they were the reason they brought you and your partner together. Then incorporating them into the celebration is something that cannot be overlooked. What better way to ease some of the planning than taking time to come up with a creative custom drink menu? Each beverage could be named after one of your pets, combining creativity with personalization. This gesture ensures that your beloved animals are part of your celebration, in spirit and in style!

Next, we have to include the videographer. We all know that most people plan their weddings or elopement ceremonies with having a photographer in mind. But including a videographer is what will make this day truly last forever, capturing dynamic moments and the full essence of your celebration that still photography alone cannot achieve. A pro tip to consider is booking your own videographer separately from what a venue package may offer. This can often save you hundreds of dollars and allows you to choose someone whose style truly resonates with your vision.

Another valuable tip is to explore dedicated Facebook pages such as "Photographers of Maui." Despite the name, these groups often include videographers as well. It's a fantastic resource for finding talented professionals who specialize in capturing the magic of events in specific locales. This approach not only provides you with a wealth of options but also offers the chance to see reviews and sample videos from other couples, ensuring you find the perfect match for your special day.

If you haven't already guessed, the next essential sentiment to having an unforgettable marriage is the ring. Now, this next tip is something that most people don't always think of doing, and not only does it have sentimental value but it is also cost-effective. Resetting family heirloom pieces is a lovely way to redefine tradition and personalize your commitment. By incorporating stones or settings that have been passed down through generations, you create a unique, meaningful symbol of your union that carries the history and love of your family. This approach not only honors your heritage but also allows you to craft a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind, often at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Futhermore, choosing the right location is the final touch. This tends to be the most costly part of the wedding. However, there are a few tips to help you select an amazing location that doesn't cost you a year's salary.

  1. First, consider budget-friendly hotels/Inns, especially those with rooftops or courtyards, which can provide a scenic setting for both ceremony and reception at a reasonable cost.

  2. Additionally, look into private estates, golf courses, and restaurants. All these venues can offer unique and charming environments for your special day and are often more flexible in terms of pricing and customization compared to traditional wedding venues.

  3. To further reduce costs, explore community centers or local parks, which can be surprisingly picturesque and significantly cheaper.

Booking during off-peak seasons or on weekdays can also lead to substantial savings. Also finding a venue that allows for outside catering can save you thousands.Remember, every venue has different aspects that might allow for negotiation, whether it’s the price or package inclusions, so don’t hesitate to discuss your budget needs openly. By considering these alternatives, you can find a stunning location that fits your budget and makes your wedding unforgettable.



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