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Why It's Important To Acknowledge The Loss Of A Pet For Others

Updated: May 15, 2023

Most of us have been there, either personally losing a pet or seeing our friends and family lose theirs. One of the most important ways to support someone who is dealing with the loss of their pet is to acknowledge it.

Our relationships with our pets are some of the most intimate ones we have. In fact, research has shown that for most people, the loss of a dog is comparable to the loss of a human loved one. Yet, socially and culturally, this is under recognized and researched.

So how do we help those close to us, who are coping with the loss of a pet? One of the simplest things we can do to bring comfort to those in mourning, is to acknowledge their grief. This helps normalize that what they are going through is valid.

For me, pet loss is something that I keep very close to my heart. If you have met me, then you have probably heard me say 'I started my artwork around pet loss". When I lost my companion Moxey, I grieved hard. In reality, the loss of her is to this day, is one of the hardest things I've experienced. But what I found most comforting was the support I received from friends and family. Recently, I told a customer that purchased a keepsake pet portrait for their friend, that this act of kindness will mean so much to them. Probably more than they will understand, but by sending them a memorial gift is really saying "I see you are grieving, I empathize that your companion was more than just a pet and I am here for you".

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