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The Benefits of Pack Walking

Updated: May 15, 2023

Most dog owners already know that walking your dog daily is beneficial, but have you ever considered walking your dog in a pack? Dogs by nature are pack members. In fact according to PBS "the dog, Canis familiaris, is a direct descendent of the gray wolf, Canis lupus."

There are also many benefits to pack walking

  • Helps build confidence in pups, this is especially great for shy and anxious dogs

  • Provides mental stimulation

  • It teaches them proper leash walking and pacing

  • Fosters socialization in a structured manner

By this point, if you are local to Orange County Ca, and thinking, "I should find a pack walker". Don't worry OC Pup Scouts has you covered. My personal tip, is to always leave it up to the professionals when it comes to dog behavior and training. But don't just take my advice; listen to the pack masters from OC Pup Scouts:

"As your dog gains more confidence, old behaviors of stress, excessive energy and fear are swept away. A wave of newfound confidence begins to build in its place and your dog will be able to experience social interactions and new skills with trust, enjoyment and ease. So whether your dog is shy, anxious, socially awkward, or overly excitable, we know we have a place for them."

If you are ready to try pack walking, give OC Pup Scouts a call. They will pick up your pup from your home. After all, their customers are their entire world! They know how hard it is to trust someone with their fur babies.

OC Pup Scouts Contact:

949.629.0932 |

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